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March 18, 2020 – Update from K. Hesch re: Coronavirus

The EB Business Continuity team continues to respond to the COVID-19 challenge. At this time, we have no confirmed cases at Electric Boat. We continue to urge you to stay home if you are sick or suspect exposure to the virus, and to call your healthcare provider immediately. Please keep your immediate supervisor notified of any developments, as you would with any other illness that could impact your ability to report to work.

We understand that school closures and other disruptions have put pressure on our workforce. To help ease some of these concerns, we have improved options for various populations (hourly, salaried and represented) to manage their time. Supervision is being updated on how these options can be used in their organizations.

Individual organizations are now employing strategies to help minimize the number of people inside EB buildings at the same time and to allow people to maintain social distancing while at work. This includes employing flexible schedules and shifts to keep work groups small enough to adhere to social distancing.

The White House has issued guidance on dealing with the coronavirus COVID-19. This guidance states that critical infrastructure, including defense contractors like Electric Boat, must continue to operate in the interest of national security. The ‘President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America’ say that along with industries like healthcare services and food supply, the defense industrial base has “a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

Yesterday, U.S. Navy leadership confirmed that Electric Boat is part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. We continue to take measures to restrict the potential spread of COVID-19 and urge all of you to take personal steps to do so as well. Understanding that we are a crucial part of the national infrastructure should indicate to you how important the work you do is and how important your health and safety is to that mission.

Thank you for your continued patience during this challenging time. Please continue to follow Homeport and EB Landing for updates.

Kurt Hesch

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