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March 13, 2020 – Update Following Announcements of School Closures

  • The COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop.  As you may have heard, schools in CT and RI have announced closings, which will impact many of our employees.
  • There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus at EB at this time.
  • EB locations will remain open for business.
  • The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery team is meeting with senior staff daily, and discussing  issues raised to us by the workforce.  Some actions we have taken in response to these concerns include postponing TECH-x week, suspending operations at the fitness facilities, suspending non-required class room training and additional business travel restrictions.
  • Many of the questions we are now getting are related to what to do if you or one of your co-workers has been exposed to COVID-19 and how to respond to the needs of many employees to be out of the plant as a consequence of local school closures.  Following is guidance on both topics.


  • How to handle suspected exposure:   We have mapped out appropriate paths for what to do if you are exposed at work, and what to do if you are exposed outside of work. Please talk to your supervisor if you believe you have been exposed.
  • How to handle requests of employees to be out of plant due to school closures.  We encourage you and your teams to maximize use of existing policies that allow people to work flexibly where possible.  This could include temporarily flexing shift start and stop time, utilizing flexible work schedules and working on weekends.
    • In response to the need for many of our colleagues who may not have accrued sufficient PTO to respond to school closings and related schedule disruptions, to now supervise school-aged children who will be at home, we will now allow employees to accrue up to 80 hours of negative PTO that can be recouped by the end of 2020.  This is a change to our current limit of 40 hours of negative PTO and is in sync with several other GD business units.
  • We appreciate your patience and as work together to address this rapidly evolving situation.   We are working as quickly as we can to address work-related issues being raised by  the workforce and commit to continue communicating to you about any developments or changes.
  • Please do your part to help keep yourself, your teammates and your families safe.


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