November 25, 2019 – Holland: EB’s New Ocean Transport Barge

​Last month, employees were invited to submit name ideas for EB’s new Ocean Transport Barge. With over 1,200 submissions to consider, the process took longer than anticipated, but the teams of voters were able to come to a decision. The new transport barge, scheduled to commence construction this year, will be named Holland.

After filtering through all of the submissions, the top 65 names were established. The top 65 submissions were chosen based on being well thought-out, having reasoning behind them, and for recognizing Electric Boat’s purpose and history.

This list was then narrowed down to the top ten names, which were sent to nine departments that will be most closely-involved with the barge; D230, D330, D467, D463, D502, D605, D496, D692 and D920. The department heads were asked to gather with their teams and vote on their top three names. The results came back with four names, two of them tied for third place.

1. Integrity
2. Freedom Shuttle
3. Advantage (Tied for 3rd)
4. Holland (Tied for 3rd)

To come to a final decision, the final four names were sent to each member of the leadership staff. Holland received the most votes, with Integrity following close behind. The name Holland was also submitted, in various forms, by over 25 employees.

The name Holland pays homage to John Philip Holland, who designed the world’s first practical submarine, the Holland. In 1899, Isaac Rice, an American businessman, incorporated the Electric Boat Company to complete this submarine. After being accepted by the U.S. Navy, the Holland marked the beginning of the United States submarine force.

Thank you to all employees for taking the time to submit your ideas. And now, for fun, check out some of the humorous name submissions received below. Rest assured, these racked up many laughs.

• It’s Not Delivery, It’s DiBarge-o!

• Barge Simpson

• Barge and in Charge

• Misbarging Is Illegal

• Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Submarine Transport Machiney

• Sea Section

• Parts R Us

• Sea Me Bargin’


• USS Jason Statham

• The Codfather

• Prime Shipping

And of course,

• Bargey McBargeface and Boaty McBoatface

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